Can't make a pop up ? No problem! We can come to you! Simply take a look at the refill menu, choose your container (this can be anything from a new container, a repurposed plastic bottle or a glass bottle that was purchased from us) and leave by your front door. I will take care of the rest.

How to order your refills / pre made bottles:

1. Send an email to :

2. In the email please list the refill options you are interested in and whether you need a refill from the list below or if you're ordering a pre made item (from the list below).


Refill list (per ounce): 

*Price of pre made bottles include ~ bottle, cap, pump or spray, product and label for bottle.


Castile soap .60/oz  || Pre-made $18.00

All purpose spray .45/oz ||  Pre-made $16.00

Shampoo .90/oz Pre-made ||  $20.00

Conditioner .90/oz ||  Pre-made $20.00

Toothpaste tablets 7.00/oz ||  Pre-made $14.00

Coconut oil .75/oz ||  Pre-made $8.00

Shea Butter 1.75/oz ||  Pre-made $14.00

French green clay mask 2.50/oz || Pre-made $12.00

Rose clay mask 2.50/oz || Pre-made $12.00

Rose hydrosol 1.50/oz ||  Pre-made $9.00

Daily face cleanser 3.00/oz ||  Pre-made $24.00

Incense .75/oz





16oz bottle with cap $6.00

16oz bottle with spray $6.50

16ox bottle with pump $6.50

4oz jar with cap $4.50

4oz jar with cap $4.00

2oz bottle with spray $4.00

2oz bottle with dropper $4.00

Pump $.50

Spray $.50

Label for 16oz bottle $.75

 **Right now, the refill delivery / exchange program is offered locally only BUT you can purchase select pre made items online that are also available for local delivery or shipping.