Why refill and how it works.

Our top 5 reasons to support your local refill shop:


Waste less + reduce single use plastics

Fill up on however little or as much product as you need. Bring your own clean containers to re use OR purchase a bottle from us. 

Save money

Zero waste is simple living. By purchasing sustainable zero waste items you are investing in one time purchases that can be re-used many times. These items can either biodegrade, are compostable, can be refilled, or be recycled when their life cycle is complete.

Support small businesses that align with your values

Know that your money is landing in the hands of companies that operate in a way that you believe in and do good for the planet.

Creating a closed loop system  


'Āina's refill beauty bar is an interactive place for you to buy products that are clean for your home and the earth. All products are free of harmful chemicals and are sold plastic free.


How it works:


  1. Bring your own empty clean container or purchase one from us.
  2. Weigh the container with the lid on and record the weight.
  3. We will re-weigh your container and subtract the tare weight from the final weight to get the total.