A look into dry brushing

A look into dry brushing

It's all about dry brushing!

At 'Āina, we prioritize intentional, long-lasting items that seamlessly integrate into your daily routine. One of our favorites is the dry brush.

Dry brushing is a daily body massage using a dry, stiff-bristled brush. It is claimed to help remove flaky skin, improve circulation, detoxify the body, and aid digestion.

This ritual should be performed once a day, preferably in the morning. Since it is very stimulating, it's better to avoid dry brushing right before bedtime. Dry brushing should be done before taking a bath or shower, when your skin is dry.

To brush, start at the extremities and work towards the heart. Use circular motions on the joints, and long strokes on the long bones, working to move lymph towards the heart. Brush the abdomen, chest, and back in broad, clockwise and counter-clockwise, circular strokes. You want to brush vigorously!

The lymphatic system is a crucial part of the body's immune system. It transports a clear, watery fluid called lymph and contains white blood cells that aid in fighting infections. The lymphatic system also plays a role in filtering debris, known as ama in Ayurveda, through the lymph nodes. Unlike other systems in the body, the lymphatic system does not have a pump. Instead, the movement of ama relies on the movement of your body. Lymph flows smoothly when you are active but can stagnate with reduced activity.

◖ prepares the skin for massage/lotion

◖ stimulates blood flow by increasing circulation (you know this is achieved when your skin flushes!)

◖ promotes healthy lymphatic circulation

◖ removes blockages

◖ nourishes the mind and nervous system

◖ exfoliates the skin

◖ helps to remove stagnation

◖ detoxifies the liver

◖ boosts skin glow

Dry brushing should leave you feeling lighter, with increased energy and vitality, improved digestion, and a boosted metabolism. It promotes a sense of lightness in the body and clarity of mind.

About this dry brush:

Sisal Dry Brush with Vegan Sisal Bristles, one of the few vegan dry brushes made. With the plant based sisal bristles and bamboo handle, the entire brush is ethically made and compostable.This brush will usually last 3 months, depending on how often it is used. To clean the bristles, boil the bristles for 1-2 minutes as needed.

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